How To Start your Ukulele Players Club

How To Start your Ukulele Players Club By Geoffrey R. Rezek: link

Starting uke club (with a bit of emphasis on the UK) By Ray Shakeshaft: link

How to Lead a Great Ukulele Jam By Jim D'Ville

As the popularity of the ukulele grows, so does the number of ukulele groups and jam sessions. How to make yours better than average? In this article How to Lead a Great Ukulele Jam by Jim D'Ville shares practical tips that EVERY participant and jam leader should know!

On note is the II in the key of C is Dm not D. I'm sure this a typo in the article. And, the link to the article for learning the Blues was broken at the time I visited the page.

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How to start, organize, and grow you local ukulele players club

By Geoffrey R. Rezek, Former Member of the Ukulele Hall of Fame board of Directors and The Founder of the Ukulele Society of Connecticut, with additions by Curt Sheller of Curt Sheller Publications

Most ukulele players agree they find it is really fun and rewarding when they play their ukuleles with others at a ukulele club meeting. Many ukulele players are tired of playing alone because they don’t have a local ukulele club. They have asked me “how can I find other ukulele players near me”. It seems like a difficult task and it is, but I encourage you to start your own local ukulele club. I have written this article as a cook book to reduce the difficulty, and time it takes to have a successful ukulele club. Why not take the challenge and form you own ukulele club, group, society or whatever you want to call it now! Don’t wait to name the group, just start and the name will become apparent later on. Let the Uke playing start ASAP!

Just follow the following GCEA yellow brick road below, and most important have fun playing and sharing your ukulele with others.

  • How to find or develop other ukulele Players?
  • How to find a free, free, free meeting place?
  • What should the meeting day, and time and length be.
  • What to before you meet.
  • What to do at the meeting.
  • Other things you can do.