What Level Ukulele Player Are You?

If you’re not sure of your current level, visit the Determining Your Level page. It will help you determine where you’re in at in your development. Or, click on on of the buttons below.

Note: You might be a beginner in one aspect of your learning and intermediate or advanced in other areas. This is especially true if you have experiences playing other instruments.

The Intermediate Player

An intermediate player can hold a steady rhythm. Knows the basic chords open position chords E Em E7, A Am A7, D Dm D7, C C7, G, G7, F and B7. Can figure out the primary I, IV and V of the common keys C, G, D, A and E. Can play major, minor and seventh movable form chords up and down the fingerboard. Can figure out the name of a note on the fingerboard.

An intermediate player can hear when chords change in a sng or progression. Usually learns new songs from friends or tablature (TAB). If making their own arrangements, they are usually fairly simple. An intermediate player nows there's life above the fifth fret but not what to do with it.

An intermediate player can sing and strum at the same time easily; learns chords to simple tunes fairly quickly.

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